Holiday Traditions to Reduce Stress & Increase Family Time


Traditions Bring Peace to a Busy Seasonchristmas-is-all-around

The Holiday Season is a magical time that often gets hindered by the busyness of this time of year. Especially for those that are moving during the holidays, becoming immersed into the season of togetherness and love can be difficult while sleeping on an air mattress and trying to find that box containing your socks for the third day in a row! Regardless what form our stress comes in this season, having family close and spending time with loved ones is something we all aim for during the holidays. Family traditions are a big part of this season and can be a great way to take advantage of the beauty that comes with this magical time of year. While there are quite a few traditions that are commonly celebrated, we decided to look for a few unique practices of other families that give us that warm fuzzy feeling that the holiday season calls for! Maybe one of these traditions will be just the thing to add to your family’s holiday experience this year!

Christmas Family Box

                This family tradition is my personal favorite and will definitely be a part of our family gathering this year. Each family unit writes a one page letter to the other family members highlighting their year and attaches to a Christmas card. All of the Christmas cards are put into a special Christmas box that is passed around and read on Christmas day. Each year new cards and stories are added and over the years this box becomes a family history of memories and adventures. What a special way to bond with family members and share in celebration of togetherness during Christmas.yummy-christmas-sweets-picjumbo-com

Frosty Says

                If you have little ones, this tradition is the cutest! You can make or purchase a Frosty the Snowman and add a chalk board or white board to him. Then each day Frosty magically reveals a special family activity for the day (watch a Christmas Movie, build a snowman, make Christmas cookies, etc.). The little ones can’t wait to wake up and see what special thing Frosty has planned for the day! This one definitely adds a little magic to the season and guarantees that we remember to take a little time out each day to enjoy those that matter the most!

Magical Christmas List

Every child wants to make sure that Santa gets their Christmas list and is on their best behavior to make that nice list just in time for Santa’s visit. Have your children each write their Christmas list to Santa. Then when they aren’t looking, roll the lists up with Sparklers inside and have them follow you outside. Light each list on fire one by one for the children to see them light up and sparkle. The idea is that if they are on the nice list then their Christmas list will sparkle when it is lit up from the Elf’s magic that takes the list to Santa. This one is great motivation for those little ones to be on their best behavior and adds to the magic of Christmas.


There are so many amazingly unique Holiday traditions celebrated by families across the globe, each with its own special addition to the season. You can check out 47 more traditions here:


While the Holidays may be stressful, incorporating a new family tradition can be a great way to bring some Holiday cheer into your home. There is no better time to focus on family and loved ones, and what better way to do so than creating a tradition that can be celebrated for years to come. Taking stress out of your home is something Stewart Moving and Storage focuses on doing every season of the year, and we hope these little traditions can bring you and your family peace and happiness during this Holiday season.