Help A Senior Citizen Today

As children we are powerless, and our guardians raise us to be self-sufficient.  How can we pay our dues?- By helping a senior citizen on National Senior Citizen Day.


Make Important Calls

Seniors may be soft spoken, or even outspoken. Some seniors also struggle with remembering important information. You can help a senior today by making those important calls they have been meaning to get to. Call the insurance company, banks, and doctors and write down the necessary stuff!


Teach Electronic Skills

The world is going mobile as we know it. It wouldn’t hurt to use our electronic knowledge to teach a senior citizen all about the internet, smart phones, mobile banking and even social media!


Complete Chores

Seniors aren’t able to move and bend like they used to. A great way to help a senior today would be to do some house hold chores. You could help with laundry, dishes, and even yard work.


Grocery Shopping.

We have all been to a really busy grocery store in rush hour! It can be insane, and that is nowhere for a senior to be. Help out a senior today by getting them some groceries!



The absolute best thing you can help a senior with today  ( our specialty ) is downsizing their home and preparing for a move. Help them organize/ sell their prize possessions. Normally a senior has years upon years of things in a household and needs help to go through it. If you need help don’t forget to call us!


National Senior Citizen Day August, 21st 2017