Frequently Asked Q & A’s in the Moving Business

flat-rate-moving-company-denver-coWhat are the most popular questions asked to a moving company? We asked a customer service representative, a sales representative, and a dispatcher this morning what questions they get the most of on a day to day basis. These questions ranked top!

Q: Why do I have to be home?

A: The customer being home while the movers are packing and loading a house is best. When a customer is present they can answer any questions the movers may have about the shipment, and ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the day.


Q: How long is this going to take?

A: When movers give you an estimated time it depends on the weight of the shipment. There is a chance it could possibly take longer then expected. It depends on how organized and prepared you are for the move. For example: If you still have a huge pile of clothes on the floor that you haven’t picked up because you are going through them to see what you want and don’t want; It could take an hour longer then it would have.


Q: Do I have to disconnect my fridge?

A: Yes, you should disconnect your fridge 12-24 hours before the movers show up. If you unplug your fridge ahead of time it’ll give enough time to defrost. This way, no food can be spoiled and nothing will leak on other belongings while in transit.


Q: What should I do with my pets?

A: You can put your pets in an empty room where nobody can get to, or even take your pets to your new house and give them a chance to sniff around and get use. As long as the pets can’t get loose and are in a separate room they should be fine.


Q: Do we have to buy full replacement value protection?

A: Full-value Protection isn’t required but highly recommended. Standard insurance is free of cost, but it only covers 60 cents per pound per article. The full value insurance covers any item full price!


Q: How do you determine the shipment weight?

A: Movers determine the weight by weighing the truck before and after your shipment is put on and before and after it is taken off. Each truck is weighed empty & full so we know the capacity of each.


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