Cardboard Creations: Moving Box Rapunzel Tower

cardboard castle

Moving with children can be tough on the parents and boring for the child.  Moving materials from the moving and storage company can pile up and become cumbersome.  These materials can actually be a blessing in disguise and make great craft and play materials for your children! In a series of craft ideas for your moving materials, we would love to show you the fun that can come from those cardboard boxes. The highlighted crafty idea this time around is a Rapunzel tower for your child’s doll. What little girl doesn’t love Rapunzel and beg for one of those expensive doll houses?  With a few cardboard boxes from your move with your moving company, you can create a lasting memory with your child and give them a unique Rapunzel tower they can tell their friends about.

Materials you will need:castle

  • 3 Cardboard boxes
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Toilet Paper (Paper Towel) tubes
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray Paint
  • Yarn (For Rapunzel’s Long Braid)
  • Flowers/ Leaves/ Jewels/ Paint for decoration
  • Small Strip of Linen and Stuffing for Doll Bedding Pillow


After gathering the things you will need for this neat project, check out the detailed instructions at:

e47f7ab2c3b1b44ab435929521c1fea9You can always swap materials for other things you may have and be creative, let your children have fun with this.  A Rapunzel tower can always be a Frozen Ice Castle or a Dragon’s Tower depending on your child’s preference.  Just remember to make the best of this experience with your child! It is a difficult time for the entire family, and a little fun and one on one with you can go a long way in your child adjusting to their new home. And remember, a few minutes crafting with your child can give them entertainment for hours (and you quiet time), while you finish getting settled into your new home! Don’t forget, what better way to make your move a simple and quick one? Let the professionals handle the stressful stuff while you spend time doing more important things, like making a Rapunzel Castle!