Cardboard Creations: Moving Box Dinosaur


Moving Box turned Dinosaur

Moving with children can be a trying experience for everyone’s patience and sanity. Children become bored and parent’s tension builds as the boxes stack up and the messes continue to get deeper. Why not turn messy moving boxes into entertainment for your child? In this second blog on moving box crafts, we take a different direction than your typical building or stationary box craft idea and look to something a little more interactive; cardboard box Dinosaurs.

What child doesn’t love to run around in a costume for hours on end? In a few minutes bonding with your child, you can create hours and hours of entertainment and valuable work time for yourself during a busy move. Making a dinosaur craft from a moving box couldn’t be more simple and enjoyable for you and your child.

Here’s what you will need:cardboard-box-dinosaur-4

  • Moving boxes
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun (not necessary but helps hold attachments securly)
  • Paint (Markers will work)
  • Googly Eyes if you have on hand
  • Any decorations you have lying around…be creative!


This craft can be a messy one so taking it outside might be a good option for an easy cleanup! Simply flatten a moving box from your moving company and cut out a head and tail for your Dinosaur. Then use another box and remove the flaps to create a hollow rectangle. Cut slits in your rectangle, head, and tail and insert into each other to create your dinosaur! You can hold these attachments together better by supporting with hot glue! Have your child paint their Dinosaur and decorate to their likening! Remember, with a little imagination this Dinosaur can easily be a unicorn, horse, camel, or anything your little one would love to ride around on!

cardboard-box-dinosaur-24You can find more detailed instructions at:

Moving can be tough on the entire family! Remember to keep things fun for your children as they adjust to their new home. Don’t take the entirety of a move on by yourself. Hire a trusted moving company to help you get through your move with your sanity and belongings intact! Call Stewart Moving and Storage and let us give you peace of mind, and the gift of time during one of the busiest seasons of your life, the season of moving!