How I became a Truck Driver

Everyone has a profession- ‘a paid occupation, one that involves prolonged training and proper qualifications’. You choose your profession on what you know best or wish to know best. For some, working is a 9-5 basis. For others, business may never end. For Truckers, working is time away from home.

What is it like being over the road? What do truckers think about their occupation? Well I had the opportunity to speak with a young man at Stewart Moving & Storage and receive his personal input.  Here is his story.

‘I didn’t think I would be driving trucks five years ago that’s for sure. I remember being eight years old laying my eyes on a tractor trailer for the first time and knowing I had to get behind the wheel of that bad boy.

I met Wes Stewart at a family event a year ago. I was looking for some extra cash at the time. Wes soon offered me a job working a night shift at his warehouse. I started two weeks later.

The industry just felt right, I loved the people, I loved what I was doing I knew I could make a career out of this. I knew I wanted more. A few short months later I was full-time going out on local jobs with some of the best crews.

Yes, I busted my tail; I did everything I was told to do; the right way- that’s just how I was raised. Wes soon saw my commitment to the team. Before I knew it I was running my own crew, driving trucks for Stewart Moving & Storage.

I believe my loyalty to the company, my hard work ethic, and following through with every task given is my personal strengths as an employee. As for weaknesses, most truck drivers face the same weakness: being away from your home, missing your loved ones. No matter how fun hotels can be nothings beats coming home to your family, sleeping in the comfort of your own bed. I think everyone will agree. Some may say they can’t handle it, others realize that making a living is important enough to overcome those hard times and if you’re doing what you love you’ll never work another day.

You ask me what I think about being over the road. I will tell you that being over the road is just like a paid non-stop road trip. You are constantly going new places, meeting new people, learning new lifestyles, creating new views. It is truly a life changing experience. I think everybody in the industry should experience being over the road at least once because it broadens your knowledge tremendously.

Everyone has a personal goal. As for me, Stewart Moving and Storage has inspired me to one day open my own moving company.

As for right now, my expectations for myself are to finish tasks no matter what, keep things moving and keep everyone happy.

Everyone has a profession. I chose to drive trucks.



Thank you, Trey Southern! You’re awesome!