A List of Things We Can’t Move and Why.

If you are having a moving company transport your belongings, it should provide you with a list of “non-allowable.” This is an industry term for items professional movers will NOT transport.

Propane/ Gasoline-
We can’t move these for obvious reasons that they are both flammable and explosive. We ask if we are moving anything motorized you drain them out first.


Nail polish/ Nail Polish remover-
These items are flammable and also can spill or break which can ruin the finish off your furniture.

Nail Polish with Acetone

Carbonated Beverages-
The vibration of the truck will allow pressure to build up and will eventually explode causing ruin to your other house belongings.


Live plants across State Lines-
Each states department of agriculture establishes guidelines to protect their native plants. Different plants carry pests and diseases that cannot be transferred across state lines.

Live Plants

Cleaning supplies/ Chemicals-
Chemicals can be flammable and also ruin your possessions.

cleaning supplies- chemicals

Batteries contain acid which can erode with different weather conditions but also cause spark if there is other metal in the truck.


It’s against the law to transport illegal drugs.


Ammunition/ Fireworks-
If the truck were to somehow catch on fire with ammunition or Fireworks the truck would then become explosive.


Stewart Moving & Storage wants to give you the quality move you deserve! This is one of the reasons why we take precautions for your belongings. We are committed to making your move successful and safety is a priority.