5 Morning Habits that Lead to Success







A lot of us work 8-10 hours a day, 40-50 hours a week. Are you really productive the entire day? Do you feel like you are giving your all? Believe it or not your morning can very well determine the day you will be having. If you wake up a tad late and you rush all morning and rush to work, chances are you will feel unproductive and loss of focus through out the work day. Want a more productive work day? Then have a productive morning!







Wake up a few minutes earlier

You don’t need to wake up hours before your usual schedule, even if you just wake up a few minutes earlier everyday, soon your body will adjust and you’ll start to feel better! Over time you can increase those few extra minutes and soon realize you are ahead of schedule!









Gets your body flowing! Even if it’s just stretching or a couple jumping jacks! If you exercise at least 10 minutes every morning before the work day, you will notice major changes in your day!











Healthy breakfast

Don’t have time for breakfast? Start your day out green! Heathy green smoothie is cheap and easy! It takes up less time then toasting a bread or bagel and smothering it with butter or cream cheese. This is much healthier for you!






Make goals

While your waiting on your smoothie think of 3 priorities you would like to accomplish; three wins of the day and write them down! Goals that are written down are significantly more likely to be remembered and achieved. Once you finish those three things you will feel like your day was a success! Everyone always say “I can just do it later”, but do you actually do it? Give yourself deadlines!







Inspirational or Motivational quotes

Post quotes that inspire you in your mirror or by the coffee maker, anywhere you will see it daily! Always keep little reminders around to motivate your for a successful day! I know this sounds small but you will be surprised on the impact it has on your day!

Study shows that 95% of everything you do is result of habit! So start making good habits now and don’t let bad habits form! Make every morning a productive morning!