4 Signs Mom Shouldn’t Live Alone

4 Signs Mom Shouldn’t Live Alone!

Have you noticed some change in mom over the holidays? We want our loved ones to be safe and healthy and it is important to make sure their environment is appropriate to their specific physical needs. Here are four major signs to look out for!



  1. Memory

Is there loss of memory? Does she forget recent events in her life? Even conversations you had with each other might be happening more then once with her loss of memory. This can have impact on your daily performance and ability to do what you want.


Human brain and colorful question mark

2. Confusion

Is your mom having a hard time completing her sentences or even a hard time holding conversation? Is there a time or place she seems to be confused about? Acute confusion should be further investigated, and treated.


3. Struggle 

Does your mom have trouble completing ordinary tasks? Does she have trouble following a recipe even if she’s done is over a thousand times? Even familiar activities can become very difficult and isn’t something you want to oversea.


4. Change

Have you noticed any change? Maybe change in interest or mood swings? Has she shown withdrawal from social events or hobbies? These changes can be dramatic and is all more reason to be assessed by a professional!

All of these can be early signs of Alzheimers & Dementia. Maybe it’s time to start shopping for assisted living! Stewart Moving & Storage offers quality senior moving- Here’s where to start https://stewartmovingandstorage.com/moving-services/senior/senior-moving-guide/