4 Awesome Small Towns for Retirement!


I don’t know about you but when I think of retirement I think about leaving huge towns and cities relocating to a small town, because why not? Small towns don’t have as much traffic, the people are friendlier, and are very involved. Here are four small towns that are ranked top for retirement!

Montpelier, Vermont







Montpelier serves as the capitol of Vermont. It is the smallest state capitol in the US and oddly the only capitol without a McDonald’s. Montpelier is socially and politically progressive; has beautiful green mountains & is known for its old-timey look. If you’re looking for a small, scenic, very involved and active town; Montpelier would be a wonderful place to retire. They have options anywhere from great retirement communities or even fairly priced housing.


Charleston, South Carolina








Charleston is the souths coolest costal city, known for its hospitality and has the country’s finest culinary scenes. It’s a great city to live in if you have an interest in history, enjoy water activities, and fine Southern Hospitality! This is not the place to retire if you need assisted living. You’d have to go a little out of the city for retirement communities. Charleston offers wonderful elderly apartment communities and reviews show they are just fabulous!


Sitka, Alaska

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Sitka is only accessible by air or sea, it is considered Alaska’s most beautiful seaside town that has been settled for a little over a thousand years. If you have a curious and adventurous soul who demands diversity, this may be the perfect place for you to retire. Sitka is a very small community, residents say “we are known for the most genuine and giving group of people”; This is the place to be!


Farmville, Virginia








Farmville is a small town built on history and played a major role in the civil war. You can enjoy scenic adventures, high trail walks and great shopping. Also, Farmville is not a long commute from major cities Richmond, VA and Lynchburg, VA. The cost of living is low and if you are interested in land there is plenty of it! Farmville has fantastic retirement communities and assisted living options.







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