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Tips on How to Move in Bad Weather to/from Richmond, Virginia

Tips on How to Move in Bad Weather to/from Richmond, Virginia 

So you have done everything in your power to plan a successful move, but now the weather forecast doesn’t seem to be on your side.

If you are moving in or out of Richmond, Virginia know that Stewart Moving and Storage is beside you every step of the way. They understand how frustrating it can be when the weather is not on your side and you are unable to change your move date due to your work schedule or a contracted move-out date from your current home is set in stone. Here are some tips on how to move in bad weather to/from Richmond, Virginia.

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While there are certain aspects you cannot avoid when it comes to bad weather, being prepared shouldn’t be one of them.

If you anticipate cold and rainy weather for your upcoming move day, be sure to have plenty of warm jackets, gloves, heat warmers, umbrellas and rain boots on hand. It can be quite miserable to move with wet clothes as the chill travels throughout your tired achy body. Do not be caught off guard.

Even if it takes you a bit more time, take hot chocolate or coffee breaks, also making time to cover any items or boxes that may risk getting wet. Have some extra plastic on hand – you’ll be happy you did.



While you may choose to pack your items, such as clothes, linens, dishes and such, consider hiring a professional mover to pack your treasures and electronics.

Let’s say you have a few cherished pieces of artwork that absolutely cannot get wet or that new stereo system you have saved your precious dollars for – hire an experienced moving company to professionally pack those expensive items to help prevent damage.

Why not let the expert movers at Stewart Moving and Storage, who are trained on how to lift those heavy electronics and precious art pieces carefully, getting them wrapped and out of your home SAFELY.

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There are a few beneficial reasons to have trash bags at hand, whether you are moving during the rain or not. Trash bags can help you remove any last-minute items and they also serve as additional protection in the bad weather.

Be sure to have the bags handy – as in your personal vehicle. This way, when you arrive at your new home, you can use the trash bags to discard those old rags, paper towels and other used cleaning products after the unpacking and cleaning process.



Other beneficial items to have on hand is large plastic or moving blankets – lay some plastic or large “rag” blankets on the floor as they will serve a useful purpose.

If it’s raining or snowing during your move, there will be additional water and possibly mud tracked into your new home. The plastic or blankets on the floor will protect your new investment and save you some time without the excess clean-up. You will have enough tasks during the move-in period – you do not need additional duties!

Salt the walkway and the driveway for that additional touch of safety, should snow or rain be in the weather forecast.

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Stewart Moving and Storage hopes you have a successful move and find these tips on how to move in bad weather to/from Richmond, Virginia helpful.Remember they are here to assist you and they are an A+ accredited family-owned and operated full-service professional moving and storage company, serving your relocation needs for all of Central Virginia and more.

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