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Tips on Moving Your Most Valuable Belongings to/from Pensacola, Florida

Tips on Moving Your Most Valuable Belongings to/from Pensacola, Florida

Millions of people residing in the United States move every year and many share horror stories of damage to their cherished possessions. Whether it be an heirloom clock, antique paintings or priceless china handed down over the decades, your valued belongings deserve to be protected.

Stewart Moving & Storage is here to help and provide you with the following tips on moving your most valued belongings to or from Pensacola, Florida.


  1. Document High Valued Items

Any items which are valued at $100 per pound should be documented – this includes dad’s prized baseball card collection, grandpa’s coin collection or that antique vase, which has been in the family for years (


Most professional moving companies, such as Stewart Moving & Storage, prefer to know of high-valued items as they offer special handling and protection (


  1. Pack Smart

Pack your smaller, fragile items in a separate smaller box as you can    place that small box within a larger box, ensuring it will not get lost. Always place your heavier items in the bottom of the box with the lighter ones on top.

  1. Wrap with TLC

Have plenty of bubble wrap and newspaper handy before boxing your fragile items. Be careful not to wrap your china in newspaper as the ink may rub off onto your precious dinnerware – newspaper is a handy tool for filling in gaps between fragile items.


Stewart Moving & Storage is experienced and professional when it comes to special touches, such as using stretch wrap and padding for mirrors or antiques, preventing breakage.



  1. Label, Label, Label

By labeling “Fragile” or “This End Up” on pertaining boxes – this may save you unwanted damage as your moving company will thank you as well. The special markings on certain boxing will alert your moving company to be extra careful with those precious items – be sure to double wrap these valuables in the event the labels are overlooked.


  1. Precious Jewelry Tip

Priceless gems and heirlooms are always best kept with you or in your bank’s safe security box. The peace of mind will allow you the freedom to focus on other moving aspects. For more tips in regards to moving jewelry: (




  1. Moving Insurance

Confirm that your moving company offers moving insurance, and opt in – this will ensure your valuable belongings are protected. Stewart Moving & Storage provides two types of coverage – Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection.



Full Value Protection will cost a bit more, but this option is worth the peace of mind. Released Value Protection is a trusted alternative as it is offered at no cost to the customer, limiting Stewart Moving and Storage’s liability by $0.60 per pound, per article moved (


  1. Research

Take the time to research moving companies, ensuring they are professional, experienced and insured.


Stewart Moving & Storage has earned a high ranking with BBB (A+), Angie’s List with a ProMover designation along with several quality reviews from satisfied customers.


  1. Separate Fragile Items

Keeping similar fragile items together, categorize glasses, dishes,   bowls, etc. – meaning, do not pack glasses and bowls in the same box. Use towels and t-shirts to pad the inside of the box.




  1. Do Not Over Pack

Over packing is a sure way to damage your valuable items.

It is better to have more boxes you are able to lift than heavy boxes which can strain your back.


Lighter, well-packed boxes withstand the impact in handling and on-the-road vibrations.


  1. Keep it with You

Valuable items such as cash, personal papers, prescriptions,

photographs and similar small valuables should be kept with you – this is the most reliable way to ensure your treasures are safe.


  1. Storage

Larger valuable items such as antiques, coin collections, large portraits and similar items can be placed in a trusted storage site.


Stewart Moving & Storage offers storage facilities with video surveillance technology, fenced-in parking with 24-hour security, specially designed vaults to meet all of your needs and much more. This local Pensacola, Florida mover provides a residential storage facility featuring an electronic tracking system, which maintains the exact location of your items – even identifying when they were stored. You will be assured satisfaction when storing with Pensacola Stewart Moving and Storage (