Moving with a cat

Ask a Mover Blog Series: Moving with a cat

Moving is often just as stressful for our furry family as it is for us. Cats are particularly susceptible to the stress of moving but with a few tips and a bit of preparation- your cat(s) will be settling into your new home in no time!

In the month before you move:

  • Talk to your vet. Make sure they are up to date on their shots.
  • Have your pet’s paperwork handy -packed with your own important paperwork.
  • If your cat is particularly skittish- ask about safe medications to ease their distress.

In the weeks before your move:

  • Keep the cat carrier and moving boxes out so your kitty can get used to them.
  • By placing a blanket inside the carrier, your pet will naturally want to go inside and sleep.
  • Feeding your cat near or inside the carrier will also help them be more comfortable on move day.
  • Maintain your daily routine as best you can; especially feeding times, and when you give your kitty attention and play!

On move day:

  • Keep your cat(s) in a room away from the movers and all the noise of move day. A bathroom is usually best- a small room with enough space for the carrier, litter box, water, & a comfy bed
  • Feed your feline friend lightly to minimize upset stomach.
  • Load the cat & carrier into your car last, allowing them to stay in the room as long as possible and minimize exposure to the elements (heat in the summer or cold in the winter)
  • Once your cat is in the carrier- do not let them out until you’ve gotten to your new home and into a smaller secure room.

Settling in:

  • Cat Proof your new house- cords tucked away, windows secure, anything that could trap or harm kitty should be secured or put away
  • Keep Kitty in a secure room until they get settled and most of the unpacking is completed. Don’t forget to spend time with them and leave treats around the room.
  • Once you let your cat(s) out of their room, ad second litter box where you will intend to keep one moving forward.

Keep an eye on them as they settle into their new home to ensure they are safe and happy! Within a few weeks- your cat should have explored & familiarized itself with the new home. This is quite an adventure for your kitty so be patient and provide all comforts possible during the transition.

Congratulations on your new home!