Moving Your Business to/from Richmond? 6 Tips to Help You on Your Way

Moving Your Business to/from Richmond? 6 Tips to Help You on Your Way


While moving your home can be overwhelming, moving your business requires even more pre-planning. The relocation of a business involves moving your livelihood with the possibility of disruptions and the loss of customers. Don’t allow that to happen – hire a professional moving company with years of experience managing commercial moves to and from Richmond, Virginia.


Stewart Moving & Storage manages moving projects for companies every week with trained crews providing you with a stress-free move ( They understand the challenges of moving a company with minimal impact and offer the following advice to get you on your way.


  1. Alert Your Customers


All of your customers should be informed of your new location and for what length of time you will be out of service. You can strategically use your move to contact previous customers as most business moves are a sign of a prosperous growth.


Social media is a great platform to announce your move and post pictures of your new location. Your customers will feel like they are sharing your excitement with the changes taking place.


  1. Update Your Online Platforms


It only takes a few moments to update your website by creating a landing page and announce your move details. Also be sure to edit your social media platforms and business listing on Google, if you have one.

Don’t forget your business email – it is recommended that you update your new email address in your email signature by highlighting it and customers will be clear – not confused.


  1. Hire an Experienced Moving Company


               Stewart Moving & Storage Commercial provides a project        manager assigned to your company who will work with you and ensure your downtime will be minimal. They are experienced with commercial moves and understand that the sooner you are back in business – the less it will cost you.


This will also avoid hassles for your clients and staff.


  1. Read the Fine Print


Never assume when you hire a moving company that you know what is included in the contract. Always read the fine print – all moving companies are not alike.


At Stewart Moving & Storage they offer furniture delivery, furniture installation and furniture re-configuration – even relocating your computers and data centers. Their list of services also provides file reorganization and asset management. Contact them for even more services provided at (


  1. Get Valuation (Replacment Coverage)


Whether you are renting a moving truck or hiring a       professional moving company – such as Stewart Moving & Storage, always opt-in for the Replacement Value coverage. This will ensure your valuable technological items and priceless papers are protected.


Richmond Stewart Moving & Storage offers two types of coverage – Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection. Full Value Protection will cost a bit more, but this option is worth the peace of mind. Released Value Protection is a trusted alternative as it is offered at no cost to the customer, limiting Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage’s liability by $0.60 per pound, per article moved (


  1. Asset Management


Richmond Stewart Moving and Storage Management Solutions has provided outstanding service for over 20 years – providing a computerized inventory system, keeping your inventory accurate and easily accessible when delivery is needed.


They have been a leader since 1994, being a nationwide premier services provider with four (4) metropolitan areas available to you.


Their warehousing services are lot/serial controlled, military warehouse approved with hospitality logistics, return goods processing, inventory/ shelf life management and much more ( Why would you hire any other commercial moving company?


Richmond Stewart Moving & Storage wishes you the best on your commercial move – give them a call for a free estimate (1-877-959-8259).