Interstate Moving- Partial Home & Small Moves

Interstate Moving- Partial Home & Small Moves


Need to move (less than an entire household) to a new state or cross country? Whether for an estate move, new career, or to be closer to family – moving to a new state

(or an Interstate move, as it is known within the industry) can require months of preparation.  But what if you are not moving an entire, established household? What if it is a small or partial home relocation?  You may find that smaller moves can be harder to get help with! You don’t have to do it yourself; we’ll share what to look for in a small shipment or partial home Interstate Mover and how to get a full service relocation without breaking the bank. You even have options that will mean a faster delivery for you, as well.

Long distance moves can be a great time to pare down your belongings. Why pay to ship a bunch of ‘stuff’ that you don’t LOVE or- that you want to replace soon anyway?  Sometimes it is more economical to replace things than to ship them to your new hometown! Or you may find yourself handling an estate and needing to disperse heirlooms to family near and far. No matter that the reason for your partial home or small move- these tips should help you get your belongings moved safely, efficiently, and as affordably as possible.

Start getting Move Quotes about 2 months before you want to move. *Refer to our Long-Distance Move Planner for help on what to do when. What should you look for in a moving company that can handle an Interstate Moving- Partial Home & Small Moves?

  • Look for moving companies that are Independent and have more than 1 location. These moving companies will be able to haul your belongings on their own trucks, keeping prices down. They are also able to go outside their own network (unlike agents of a van line) to find other options that could be a better fit for your move.
  • Consider freight options. You will still work with a full service moving company at your current and new homes but your belongings will be crated and hauled via freight carrier in between. Bonus if you go with a Crate & Freight (as it’s called) – delivery spreads are often shorter than standard moving company Interstate move spreads.
  • Be as flexible as you can with dates- especially consider moving in off season. If you have a very narrow window of time before you need delivery that will reduce your shipment options and increase your cost.
  • Yes, we did already mention figuring out your mover 2 months in advance, but it bears repeating- last minute moves often cost more, especially with small shipments or partial home moves.

It might work a little differently than a long distance, whole home relocation but in the end, your goal is the same: to get these cherished items safely and efficiently to their new home. With these pointers, your Interstate Moving- Partial Home & Small Moves can be easy, timely, and as affordable as possible! Just remember to consider freight carriers, plan ahead, be as flexible as you can with scheduling, and also consider independent movers with more than one location!