Top 5 moving tips

Top 5 Tips for Moving in Jacksonville (How to Keep My Stuff Safe)

Top 5 Tips for Movers in Jacksonville (How to Keep My Stuff Safe)


What is your most valuable possession? Whether it is your baseball card collection or your grandmother’s fine china, ensuring that your valuables are kept safe can be attained. Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage offers these 5 highly effective tips to protect your precious belongings.


  1. Keep the Small Stuff With You or Safe Deposit Box


The most reliable way to ensure that your smaller valuables are kept safe is by simply keeping them with you during the move. I am referring to your jewelry, precious heirlooms, medical prescriptions, important documents, etc.


Should you have a large amount of precious personal items, your next option is to refer to your bank – they may offer you a safe deposit box at a minimal fee or no charge at all. It is not wise to keep large amounts of cash with you as your bank’s safeguard is the better option.


  1. Moving Insurance


Confirm that your moving company offers moving insurance, and opt in – this will ensure your belongings are protected. Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage provides two types of coverage – Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection.


Full Value Protection will cost a bit more, but this option is worth the peace of mind. Released Value Protection is a trusted alternative as it is offered at no cost to the customer, limiting Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage’s liability by $0.60 per pound, per article moved (

  1. Quality Packing


When packing your items, whether it is your grandmother’s treasured vase or an antique portrait heirloom, quality packing supplies are necessary in order to assure your belongings are protected. Shattered glass and scratched furniture can be avoided by planning ahead – pack your dishes in several layers of paper (on their side, instead of flat side down) preventing shattering should box be bumped (


Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage offers sturdy corrugated boxes for packing your fragile and non-breakable items with a developed system, which utilizes color coded sealant tape (Smart Move tape). This trusted system reduces the time it takes to identify boxes at the time of delivery with a variety of packing services offered to you ( – just one more reason to choose Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage for your next move.


  1. Create an Inventory


Before you pack and seal any boxes, create an inventory list of what is most important to you. Once you clarify what is valuable to you, decide on a location for these items before the moving process begins and keep an inventory list of those items, taking pictures of them as well. The time you set aside to take photos will ensure these items existed before they were broken or misplaced, making the claims process stress-free (


  1. Storage Solutions


There are times a mover may need to keep certain items in storage. What if you have given a 30 day notice to your landlord, but your new home isn’t ready to move-in for another 30 days? What do you do? Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage offer both short and long term storage, which are equipped with comprehensive fire and theft protection services.


This unique Jacksonville moving company offers storage facilities with video surveillance technology, fenced-in parking with 24-hour security, specially designed vaults to meet all of your needs and much more. This local Jacksonville mover provides a residential storage facility featuring an electronic tracking system, which maintains the exact location of your items – even identifying when they were stored. You will be assured satisfaction when storing with Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage (


We hope these tips provide you with a beneficial direction as you venture out on your move. Organization and planning can resolve many questions before you move and Jacksonville Stewart Moving and Storage is here to help (