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Tips for Last Minute Moving to/from Jacksonville, Florida

Tips for Last Minute Moving to/from Jacksonville, Florida

While a planned move is challenging enough – can you imagine moving on short notice? It can happen, as many people find themselves forced to relocate for work and their employer is unable to provide adequate advanced notice. Some people may be evicted from their home or forced out by natural disasters such as fire or flood. Here are some tips for last minute moving to/from Jacksonville, Florida.

Stewart Moving & Storage understands the additional stress of rushing to find that perfect home – let alone carry out the entire moving process. Stewart Moving & Storage is here to help and offer the following tips to those moving to/from Jacksonville, Florida.


House Hunting ASAP

Whether you will be renting or buying a home, it is a wise decision to start looking now.

If you are moving due to the relocation of your job, your new company may be able to assist you on their end – ask them to recommend a realtor since the area is unfamiliar to you.

If you are purchasing a home, remember that the closing process usually takes longer than expected – consider a temporary rental to relieve the stress until you find that perfect home.


Hire a Professional Moving Company

Stewart Moving & Storage suggests you choose a moving day and schedule that move – pick up the phone and call them for a free in-home estimate (

Not only has Stewart Moving & Storage earned sparkling reviews with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they also provide a dedicated Move Coordinator to assist you from the moment you hire them. Stewart Moving & Storage understands that every person’s move is unique and their ProMover designation confirms their commitment to high quality customer service, helping you alleviate those moving challenges.



Don’t waste time or money moving items you no longer need – either donate or sell your extra baggage. Being this is a last minute move, ask a generous friend to store your stuff until you are ready to list on ebay, craigslist, etc.


Delegate Help

Friends, family and neighbors – anyone willing to help would calm your nerves as you shouldn’t be expected to “last minute move” by yourself. Even small details, such as picking up boxes and packing supplies is one less task on your to do list. Should you need more help – hire a professional moving company to strategize, coordinate and even pack for you! Look no further than Stewart Moving & Storage.


Details, Details

It is easy to overlook the obvious when you are under a tight deadline – don’t panic and write down the obvious tasks.

Key details to remember are changing your address, starting and stopping service of cable and utilities (such as water, gas & electric, garbage, etc.) and informing your friends and family of your move.

Your change of address can be done over the internet – simply go to and choose a date to have your snail mail forwarded (

Stewart Moving & Storage wishes you the best on your last minute moving to/from Jacksonville, Florida and hopes these tips will alleviate any stress associated with your move. You’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief soon!