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Moving to Jacksonville, Florida? Here are some things we think you have to do in your first 90 days.

Moving to Jacksonville, Florida? Here are some things we think you have to do in your first 90 days.


If you are moving to Jacksonville, Florida, get ready for an endless amount of entertainment and excitement. The climate and vibe of the city is perfect for outdoor activities and after-hours fun. There is truly something for everyone. Jacksonville is a growing city with nothing but promise in the future with its new, young, and successful NFL team, the Jaguars, craft beer scene, expanding culture, and beautiful, sandy beaches. Here are some must do’s for your first 90 days in Jacksonville!

  1. Beaches – Beaches are the first part of becoming a new Floridian. Especially in Jacksonville, where the beach is just a few minutes away. In fact, just outside the city there are three beautiful beaches: Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach. Make sure to check out possible shows and other surrounding fun in the Seawalk Pavilion.


  1. Craft Brews – Trending across the country, craft beer is booming, and Jacksonville does not miss out. Hops are heavy downtown as Aardwolf Brewing Company, Bold City Brewery, and Intuition Ale Works are located in the heart of the city. There is even a company that rewards you based on how many stamps you receive from the different breweries in your very own brewery passport. Check out the Jax Ale Trail for more information!



  1. Jaguars – Football fan or not, Jacksonville is behind their NFL franchise. A once lowly and stepped on expansion team has now become an exciting and high powered forced on the gridiron. Last season, the Jacksonville Jaguars had their best season since 1999 by making it to the conference championship. Believe me when I tell you that the city of Jacksonville has a great looking NFL future as this team is set to be good for a long time with young stars like Jalen Ramsey and Leonard Fournette leading the way. Be sure to be a part of the high energy action come fall! Get your 2018 season tickets here!


  1. Culture –
  • Arts – Jacksonville has art everywhere. From public art murals on the city streets to the Cork Arts District allowing galleries and artists to host shows, the city is booming with artistic ideas and talents.
  • Festivals – We have festivals for music, for food, for world traditions, even for the beach! No matter what you’re into, Jacksonville has a festival for you. Feel free to check some of them out here!


Ultimately, whatever you chose to do to spend your time in our lovely city, you are going to find a piece of our culture and fun. This list is short and opportunities are long in Jacksonville, Florida and we are confident that every day you can find something new and unique to our city and people. Jacksonville is shinning bright and we are so happy to welcome you to our beautiful piece of paradise.


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