Checklist for the Big Move Day from Jacksonville, Florida

Countdown Checklist for the Big Move Day from Jacksonville, Florida

While miracles can happen, it isn’t likely your magic wand will work for the entire moving process. Should you be moving to/from Jacksonville, Florida have no fear, your brain is here, getting you organized with this helpful countdown checklist for the big move day.

If you are fortunate enough to have a couple months’ notice before your big move…the following tips will get you on your way.


Now is the time to make decisions on what you plan to keep, donate and just toss away. Walk through your entire house and property and put your donate and “toss” items in a separate box(s).

This is also a great time to document the items that need special packaging (you know, those awkward items). Stewart Moving and Storage recommends reaching out to experienced moving companies and check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for companies with positive ratings (Stewart Moving and Storage has an A+ rating).

If you have school-aged children, now is the time to gather their school records and contact his/her new school. It is also wise to keep a moving binder or envelope for all of your records, moving estimates and such.


Do you want to move extra perishable foods and cleaning supplies? I would think not, so now is a good time to plan meals and consume those perishables.

The same goes for cleaning supplies. Chances are you will need to leave your home spotless before the move-out day – get to work and use up the cleaning supplies at hand.

Use all boxes you may have and gather boxes from grocery stores, liquor stores and order that bubble wrap. Stewart Moving and Storage advises extra linens and towels also work well for wrapping fragile items and they can provide you with an assortment of moving supplies.

If you haven’t taken measurements at your new home for your furniture, now would be a good time to do so.


You should have selected your experienced moving company by now – be sure they offer free estimates. Stewart Moving and Storage not only offers free estimates but they also provide a certified moving consultant who will meet with you and provide you with the best direction – the entire step of the way!

Begin packing, labeling, forward medical records to your new health-care provider, complete your change of address and be sure your newspaper, magazines, insurance, credit cards and utility companies have your cancellation documented with your forwarding address set up.


Remove all items from your safety deposit box, schedule a tune-up for your personal vehicle(s) and if you work away from home, be sure to request your move day off from work.

Stewart Moving and Storage suggests that now would also be a great time to confirm the moving arrangements with the moving company.


Pack your suitcase – meaning pack you and the family as if you were going on a weekend trip. Make sure you have your essentials, such as enough clothes for a couple days, toiletries, towels, linens and some toilet paper packed with you.

Any prescriptions that need refills should be done now and have your first-aid kit set aside.


Be mover-ready by having either your cashier’s payment, cash or credit card payment ready for the moving company. While a tip is not required, standard tips are usually 10-15% of the total moving cost and a bit more for those challenging moves done well.

Remove the gas/oil from lawn mowers, weed eaters and/or deep fryers. Now is also a good time to defrost your refrigerator.


Scams can happen, so be sure to verify the branding name on the moving trucks and sign the inventory list, keeping a copy for your records.

You did it!

Stewart Moving and Storage hopes this checklist for the big move day from Jacksonville, Florida makes your move less hectic and they encourage you to visit their website for any questions you may have.