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International Moving Tips to/from Pensacola, Florida

International Moving Tips to/from Pensacola, Florida

Whether you will be moving to a foreign county or moving out of a foreign country, planning is key. You must do your research in order to have the smoothest moving transition as possible.

Stewart Moving and Storage is here to help and offer you the following tips when moving abroad, whether it be temporary or a permanent move. Here are some International Moving Tips to/from Pensacola, Florida.

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Stewart Moving & Storage recommends that anyone moving internationally know the answers to those important questions you may overlook.

For example, are you able to get that medical prescription in your new country? If yes, great but if not always have a Plan B. Research foreign medical plans and pharmacies.

What about the average climate and weather? If the weather is seasonably cooler than your current hometown of Pensacola, Florida, it’s time to add sweaters and mittens to your wardrobe. Basically, just be prepared.



While it may be challenging to predict the exchange rates for the future, just keep an eye open and ear handy for any fluctuations in the currency market.

That being said, it is beneficial for you to know how much your money is worth in your new country. For instance, that new car you had planned on may not be in your budget if you fail to research the currency exchange market. By keeping an eye on the historical market in that country, you will have at least a better idea of your future spending habits.



Think of your hobbies – anything you like to do in your spare time and reach out to others on Twitter, Facebook or Meetup who share the same interest.

Let’s say you enjoy hiking or bird watching, there are several groups on these social media sites that are also looking for a friend who shares the same interest. Obviously, use your common sense and never invite a stranger into your home or vice-versa. Meet up at a park or public place, after you have developed an online friendship. Your safety is always the priority.

You will calm any rattled nerves by knowing you have support from a new friend as you adapt to your new environment.



If your international move is not permanent or if you’re just not quite sure – storage is a wise option. You can avoid packing clumsy furniture, which you plan to keep later down the road, into storage. Also keep in mind that any large or keepsake treasures you do not intend to part with but plan to keep, can also be put in storage.

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The last thing you need, after you have planned this international move so well, is additional surprise fees from your bank. This happens quite often, so ask those important questions to your local bank and decide if you will be banking with your home country bank.

Ask your bank if they will charge additional fees for withdrawing money abroad or additional fees for every transaction abroad. It would be wise to have more than one credit card and do not keep them all in the same place. Should your purse or wallet go missing, you have a backup plan.

Another important thing to remember, if you open a bank account in your new country, is to be sure you have all the proper documents – so do your research.

Hope these International Moving Tips to/from Pensacola, Florida helped you out!



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