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5 Tips to Familiarize Yourself with a New Town To/From Pensacola, Florida

5 Tips to Familiarize Yourself with a New Town – To/From Pensacola, Florida

While we become accustomed to our familiar hometown – with the regular weekly trips to the same corner market and the usual smiling faces at the town’s post office – leaving your customary neighborhood can seem overwhelming.

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Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, research and select a reputable moving company to take the first step in the right direction.

Not only does Stewart Moving & Storage offer quick online quotes – for more than two decades, they have been the preferred movers in Pensacola with award winning moving and storage services.

Their website offers a Neighborhood Resource Guide, geared specifically for people moving in or out of Pensacola. Their unique resource guide provides everything from where to transfer your vehicle registration to the local power and water/sewer utility services contacts: find the Moving Guide to Pensacola here.



The use of apps have become widely popular –not to mention incredibly useful. Take the time to figure out what apps would be helpful in your new city, such as public transit apps, restaurant and grocery delivery services, parks and hiking trails with many more options that fit your fancy. Don’t forget the always handy Google Maps!



Stewart Moving & Storage understands the importance of familiarizing yourself with your new town. Have you heard of the neighborhood group? This online group provides the information you need about your new area – everything from the new market that just opened down the street to sign-ups for that neighborhood watch group.

Facebook also provides a similar online community group and both online groups provide an insight, loaded with useful information about your new neighborhood.



Remember that it takes time to acclimate to a new environment and everyone’s adjustment period is not the same. While one person may feel happy and content at their new digs – someone else may need months to feel stable with their new life change.

By preparing yourself for the life differences you will encounter, you will be embracing your adventure as you learn the quickest route to work, the basics of your public transportation system or possibly your favorite local coffee shop. Whatever it is you seek to find, Stewart Moving & Storage understands and they are here to help you on your way.



It is important to stay active and maintain some normalcy in your life – meet up with like-minded doers such as yourself by joining and type in your favorite interest. Let’s say you enjoy hiking, type in “hiking” and various groups of people meeting up for hikes will pop up – not only will you be making friends, you will also be staying active.

Stress Free Guide to Settling Down in the City

If is not your thing, try getting involved with community organizations or volunteering your time at the local flea market. Most organizations are looking for some extra help and it beats staying at home. Get out and be social when you can – you may learn a thing or two as well!

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We hope these 5 tips to familiarize yourself with a new town to/from Pensacola, Florida have been helpful! Safe and happy travels to you.