Scenic Drives For Truck Drivers

Traveling the country is one of Truck Drivers’ perks. There are not many I talk to that don’t have a scene captured in their mind that they once drove through.  I spoke with a few Stewart Moving & Storage drivers and the most popular drives are:
Interstate 90 Montana

1-90 MT in june





Interstate 90 is a transcontinental freeway. It is the longest interstate highway in the United States.  It passes between Gallatin and Bridger Mountain and follows the Yellowstone River. Montana is the longest stretch on I-90.  Many have told me driving through the mountains is unlike any other sight you’ve seen.  Next time you choose a route, take a detour through Montana!


Hwy 101 Santa Barbara

An overview of the 101 freeway at dusk looking east from Santa Barbara, California.





Hwy 101 hugs the California shore and was established in 1926. Many of movies were shot on this Hwy. Drivers say, at night when the lights from Santa Barbra shine over the ocean, it is a beautiful sight to see.
495 Washington DC





Interstate 495 is 64 miles long and surrounds Virginia’s capitol. In the spring DC celebrates the Japanese cherry trees which were a gift in effort to grow friendship between US & Japan.  People will travel from all over the state to come see these gorgeous trees bloom!





I-70 Glenwood Canyon

170 Glenwood Springs


I-70 goes through & around the Glenwood Canyon. The canyon is right above the Colorado River and goes as high as 1,300 feet. This is the largest canyon in Colorado, and is just absolutely stunning.


Keep these in mind when you’re driving the country! These sights you cannot miss!