Helpful Packing Tips

Packing for your upcoming move is often the first daunting task related to relocating. Nothing’s worse than getting everything to your new home and getting unpacked only to find your cherished belongings didn’t make the trip. We compiled some of the packing tips the pros use and created a tip sheet for you that you can download HERE.

So where do you even begin? Start with out of season items. Moving in summer? Start by packing your winter coats, thick bedding, and holiday décor. Moving in winter? Start by packing lawn care items and summer clothes. You will be the least inconvenienced if you start by packing items you use the least often and seasonal items are often exactly that.

Make sure to tape boxes securely shut and clearly label the room and contents- like Living Room, ‘Pictures & Decor’.
Mark boxes to unpack first with a star of other markings a cue to yourself later.

Have you ever wondered what needs to be packed and what doesn’t? It is simple, if it fits in a box, it should be packed in a box. This includes smaller boxes of fragile or little items. Always fill in empty space with crumpled paper.

Take another tip from the pros and make a parts box. Bag up the hardware that goes together, label it, and place it in the parts box. Think Curtain rod hangars, mirror bolts, bed frame hardware (if you’re disassembling it yourself). By keeping everything separate, labeled, and all in one place, you are saving yourself a lot of trouble on Move day and as you start to unpack.