Packing- Box Guide

Did you know that 40-50% of your move will be boxes?  Be sure to get Moving Boxes- not just whatever you can get your hands on.  They will need to be sturdy but lightweight, in new or like new condition.  Check Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or with your mover- they often have used boxes on hand that you can have at no cost to customers!

If you’re planning to pack yourself for your upcoming move – do you know how many boxes you need?  Do you even know where to begin figuring that out?  We created the super handy Packing- Box Guide that will make your packing project go much more smoothly!  It will not only give you an overview of what sized boxes are best for which type of items.  It will also let you know about how many will fit in the box so you can plan how many you get!

Need more tips on packing?  See our much loved Packing Tips here.  And don’t forget- if it can fit in a box, it should be packed in one before the movers arrive!