Message from the Claims Desk 7.18.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

We are on the eve of yet another Hurricane season, as Tropical Storm Don travels through the Caribbean. This storm is not projected to hit the United States nor is it named after the 45th president of the United States. In fact, tropical cyclones/hurricanes are named neither after any particular person, nor with any preference in alphabetical sequence. The names are selected in order from a list that the World Meteorological Organization creates for each season. So let’s make sure that our customers are able to watch the news for the early warning signs.

This week I would like to talk about the parts box/hardware inventory. Some people may think that this is a small issue and screws don’t cost that much, right? WRONG!!! The reality of the situation is that often times the hardware that goes missing is for items that are no longer manufactured (primarily TV’s and cribs). This means that hardware for these items is no longer available for purchase and we have to replace the item. All of a sudden $5 in screws and bolts turn into a $600 claim. If we place this hardware into a parts box and write them down on the hardware inventory we avoid this situation all together.

Previously I have been asked, “But what if they are already missing screws/bolts when it’s taken apart?” If this happens to you then just notate it on the hardware inventory.


Robert Wright