Message from the Claims Desk 5.9.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

This upcoming Sunday, May 14th, is Mother’s Day. A special celebration of mothers spans a vast amount of cultures and millennia. For example, the ancient Greek held spring festivals to honor the maternal goddess Rhea, who was considered the mother of many deities. The Ancient Romans celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria which was dedicated to a mother goddess Cybele. Also, in 1600’s England, a prayer service in honor of the Virgin Mary took place on the 4th Sunday of Lent. So just as you try not to forget to show your mom appreciation, and don’t forget to look for our customer’s missing items.

This week I would like to talk about items that did not check off at the time of delivery. So the customer may have not heard the number correctly, checked off the wrong number, or is off doing other tasks and you can’t find them. As much as some movers would like too, we cannot simply chain our customer’s to a chair and require that they devote their full attention. Instead it our responsibility to go through the inventory with the customer and make sure everything is checked off. This only takes a few minutes and it shows our customers that you genuinely care.

If a number has not checked off and you have searched the home and the truck, then call the office. The sooner that office personnel know about a missing item, the higher the chance we have to finding it. If we don’t find it then we will have to pay to replace the item, which can be very expensive.

So check off those numbers, ensure everything is accounted for, and notify the office of missing items before you leave.


Robert Wright