Message from the Claims Desk 4.4.17

Good Morning Stewart Family,

I hope everyone is staying safe and dry during these intense storms that continue their assault on our service area. Yesterday, we saw a barrage of severe thunderstorms, along with a few tornados, causing damages in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas. These storms have caused several downed trees & powerlines, power outages, halted air traffic, and caused flash flooding all across these states. This system is set to hit the Boston, New York, and Washington DC service areas today. So as we are dealing with these April showers, let’s all be especially careful and take the extra precautions to prevent accidents.

This week I would like to talk about being safe while working in the rain. Rain isn’t just an inconvenience for movers, it introduces a whole new set of challenges that we must overcome. Even if you do 99% of everything right but just one thing wrong it can cause an injury or cause an excessive claim. So below I am just going to touch on a five key points to remember when moving in the rain.

  1. Footing is key; so wear the right footwear
  2. Secure your walk-boards
  3. Always use a dolly from the highest end of an incline (pull-up, push-down)
  4. Utilize and secure ample floor protection
  5. Never use a dolly on OS furniture (aka wet dolly tires splashing dirty water into the fabric)

So during these rainy months, let’s all ensure to protect ourselves as well as our customer’s furniture.


Robert Wright