Message from the Claims Desk 2.21.17

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Good Morning Stewart Family,

This past Monday our country celebrated its 138th Presidents Day. This holiday was created following George Washington’s death in 1799 and initially celebrated on his birthday February 22. Although Washington’s Birthday was an unofficial observance for most of the 1800s, it was not until 1879 that it became a federal holiday. In the late 1960s Congress proposed a measure know as the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which shifted the celebration of several Federal Holidays to land on Mondays. The intention was to create more three day weekends for workers and bolster retail sales. So as we remember the presidents that created the policies that shaped our country, let’s remember our policies that shape our warehouses.

This week, with our continuation of DTR month, we review the military’s requirements for shipments in SIT.

  • Personal Property must be stored on elevated platforms to maintain a minimum of two inches of clearance from the floor to the bottom portion of the stored property (Nothing on the floor!)
  • All items must have protection, padding, blacking, and bracing to preclude damage pressure against the upholstery, including pressure from its own weight (aka no pallets in the middle of sofas)
  • Rugs and Carpets must be stored on racks in a horizontal position without folding any portion of the rug, carpet or padding (don’t stand these upright)
  • Property must not be stored in contact with the exterior wall
  • Loose items on Domestic shipments must be identified by Customer’s Name, BL Number, SIT Control Number, and these labels are required to be in plane view.

So let’s all focus on protecting our customer’s property while in our warehouse, as well as making sure that we are following the regulations put in place by the military.


Robert Wright