Message from the Claims Desk 12.27.16


Good Morning Stewart Family,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe holiday this past weekend! This weekend represents the beginning of 2017, in which the majority of American’s will watch the tradition of watching the New Year’s Eve Ball drop in Time Square. Although, the celebration of the New Year dates back to the ancient Babylonians, this American tradition began in 1907. The first ever New Year’s Eve Ball weighed 700lbs and was made of iron and wood. Today, this symbol of the New Year weighs 11,875lbs and is adorned with 2,668 Waterford crystals. So as you watch the ball drop, think about scenarios where others may drop the proverbial ball.

This week, I would like to talk about proper procedure when parts are missing at delivery. I am sure we have all been on deliveries where we simply cannot find the parts to put together our customer’s furniture, and aren’t quite sure on how to proceed. Well since no two moves are the same, it completely depends on the scenario, and if you are faced with this situation I recommend that you contact your dispatcher and/or claims department, before you leave the residence, and determine the appropriate course of action.

Ideally, we do not want to leave our customer’s with unassembled items. Doing so often results in us having to hire an expensive repair company to come out and assemble the items. Because these companies have to travel to the home, see what hardware is needed, and then back again, we end up paying several hundred dollars for a couple dollars worth of screws.

So keep an eye on that hardware, if it cannot be located contact the office, and let’s not leave our customer’s in a tight spot.


Robert Wright