Message from the Claims Desk 12.13.16


Good Morning Stewart Family,

This past Monday president-elect Donald Trump’s victories in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were certified, further affirming his win over Democrat Hillary Clinton in last month’s presidential election. Each of these state court systems are now blocking the Green Party’s request to recount paper votes, in spite of their claims that these states voting machines were susceptible to hacking. Since today is the federal deadline to certify the votes for the Electoral College, it appears that Donald Trump now has a clear path to the White House. Just as these states have confirmed each vote, let’s make sure that we are confirming contents on our inventories.

This week, I would like to talk about listing the contents of furniture on our inventories. Last week we talked about how listing the general contents of a carton can waive our right to refute a claim for any item missing out of that carton. Well the same goes for furniture. If the inventory doesn’t indicate the contents of the drawers, then we waive our right to dispute a claim for a missing item that was contained in it.

Our best defense against claims of this nature is to clearly list the contents of each piece of furniture, or simply write empty. Now, I am not just talking about dressers, this information should also be listed for safes, toolboxes, file cabinets etc. Simply writing empty or clearly listing the contents will prevent us for having to pay these types of falsified claims.

So let’s ensure that we are listing the contents of our customer’s furniture, and prevent false claims for missing items.


Robert Wright