Message from the Claims Desk 11.29.16


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Good Morning Stewart Family,

I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. Now, the Christmas season has officially begun! Amidst the Christmas carols and mall Santa’s lays the craziness of the holiday shopping season. A season which kicked off in traditional fashion via the annual shopping rush dubbed “Black Friday.” The name, Black Friday, was initially created in the 1960s when all of the retailers accounting books moved out of the “red” (losses) and into the “black” (profits). Approximately, 135.8 million people shopped in stores or online the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, Walmart alone attracted 22 million to it’s stores just on Thanksgiving Day which is more than the 18.5 million that visit Disneyworld each year! So this week as you are looking at those fancy new electronics think about how we would pack these items.

This week I would like to talk about packing our consumer’s electronics. By now we should all know that we need to be listing every electronics’ make and model number on the box, inventory, and high value (if it qualifies). Again, serial numbers are not as important as a model number! It is common to see claims where a customer is claiming they are missing a laptop or a gaming console, and if the inventory lists a dish-pack only containing a laptop, well then I don’t have much of an argument.

Being considerate is of the utmost importance when packing electronics. This means wrapping the item entirely so that dust cannot get inside and damage the internal components, placing all of the cords for that item in the same carton (when possible), and wrap up and tape the cords so the customer doesn’t have to deal with a tangled up mess of cords during their unpacking. Think about what would help you if you were the one who was unpacking and setting it up.

So list each item’s make and model number, keep the cords organized and with the item, and put yourself in our customer’s shoes.


Robert Wright