Message from the Claims Desk 1.3.17

in home floor protection

Good Morning Stewart Family,

I hope everyone is off to a great start of 2017. The New Year is not without challenges, as winter storm Helena is projected to bring snow and ice to the southeast. Currently, is projecting this storm to bring freezing rain and snow into Atlanta this Friday and through the weekend. The last snowfall that had occurred in Atlanta was in 2014 and left thousands of drivers stranded for days. So as the snow and ice comes in, let’s not forget how to handle these elements.

This week I would like to talk about in-home protection during wet/freezing weather conditions. Salt or other chemicals that are used to melt ice can be extremely hazardous to a customer’s floor. It is also easily transferred into the home via shoes and dolly tires, and we need to limit this transfer as much as possible. When possible keep the crew members in the house, limit dolly use in the home, and if you must use a dolly only do so, on the floor protection.

Ensure to apply ample floor protection and ensure that no portion of the walkway in the home is left exposed. Laydown cardboard/rug runners on the floor, pad or remove the doors, pad bannisters, and even use painters tape to put up cardboard in the hallway, stairways, or any area that has a narrow path.


Robert Wright