Important Essentials You Must Have On Move Day!

Having everything you need at your convince as you move houses can ultimately save you from that headache you don’t want to have.

Mobile Device Chargers-

A mobile device is the number one form of communication nowadays. You don’t want to have to search through boxes or just go without a phone for several days until you get settled. You never know who you’ll need to get in contact with. You may even need to contact your driver the day of your move!

Mobile Device Charger



Bottled Water-

If you are moving in the summer time you may get dehydrated from being outside all day and need to hydrate yourself throughout the day. Also your AC may not be turned on in the house yet and you need to cool off. Last- If you’re moving into a house with well water when you first run your water it may be discolored and you will want something to drink before you make your first grocery run.

Bottled Water




Tool Kit-

You may come to realize you have to take apart furniture so you can fit into your new home, you will want to have a small tool kit handy.

Tool Kit




Trash Bags-

When you have heavy furniture that you cannot lift yourself, you may find when they come and move it that there is some trash on the floor; keep trash bags handy so you can quickly clean up before you leave.

Trash Bags




Toilet Paper-

You may want to have a couple rolls of toilet paper with you incase you or your movers need to use the restroom while moving into your new home.






Snacks are helpful for a full day of moving, you can just grab a snack to help you hold over until you can eat.






If you have medications you take daily keep it where you can get to it.




Cleaning Supplies-

If you bought a home and the cabinet’s are dusty or the counters aren’t so clean you may want o have some surface cleaner and a duster handy before you start unpacking dishes into dirty cabinets. Also, you may want a broom or vacuums to clean your floors quickly before the movers set furniture down.

cleaning supplies




Light Bulbs-

If you are renting a house, or bought an older house, there may not always be light bulbs. If you have extras handy you won’t have to worry about not having light.

Light Bulbs




Overnight bag-

Chances are after a full day of moving you won’t want to unpack everything, Make sure you have an overnight bag so you have everything you need to go to bed.

Overnight Bag




Moving is stressful, but if your properly prepared it will go by as smoothly as you prepare for it to be.