Hire a Senior Mover and Take the Anxiety Out of Your Next Move




by Terri L Jones 

Moving is stressful any way you slice it, but when you compound that stress with the emotions of leaving a home where you’ve lived for decades, it can be one of the most difficult things you can go through. The logistics can also be more complicated. That’s why it’s so important to hire movers or moving professionals with the training and experience to support you through this tough transition.

What makes companies that specialize in working with seniors different from other movers? First, they start earlier. Whether you’re moving into an independent or assisted living apartment or with one of your kids, you probably have more furniture, pots and pans, and just plain stuff than will fit in your new, smaller space. But it’s not easy to pare down all those possessions, like that cabinet full of perfectly good harvest gold Tupperware or that huge pile of Life magazines, on your own.

Before any packing even begins, these movers (or their partner companies) can help you downsize your possessions, including sorting through everything plus facilitating donations, estate sales, and even storage. “We help them make tough decisions about what should go with them to their new space, what should be passed on as family heirlooms and what should be donated to a good cause,” explains Jennifer Zeile, director of marketing and business development for Stewart Moving & Storage, which is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Senior movers can also take the time to assess your new space and create floor plans to ensure the actual move goes smoothly. The result is everything fits … and there’s a whole lot less hassle for you!

And once the movers have you all moved in, they’ll help you unpack, hang pictures, hook up electronics, and be ready to start your new life there. Says Zeile, “We have a same-day unpack service for essential items, like clothing, pots and pans, dishes and toiletries. We even make sure their bed is put together safely so they can sleep there that night.”

Before you choose a company for your next move, make sure they’ve been down this road many times before (as Zeile says, “you don’t want to be a guinea pig!), and they have the capabilities—and the compassion—to meet your unique needs.

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