5 Things Your Mover Wants You To Know

Don’t hesitate to double check-

You always want to check back and make sure that the information given to you by your mover was accurate.  Just don’t ever hesitate to pick up the phone and give your mover a call and ask as many questions as you want because things do change. This way there isn’t a big misunderstanding and everyone is on the same page.

double check with your mover


If you say you’re doing your own packing, get it done before we get there-

On move day you want to make sure that you are completely packed up before your mover arrives. If you need extra help packing just give your mover a call and they would be happy to send in some extra help.  This way your mover is aware you need help and possibly extra boxes/ packing materials.  Otherwise, your movers may be unprepared and running out of schedule.

do your own packing



Just because it fits in the box, doesn’t mean it goes in the box.

Yes, just because an item fits in a box does not mean that you should pack it there. Why? Because you don’t want to pack really heavy books next to items that could be fragile and break.  So, be aware of breakable items and ask your mover for advice we would be happy to help. This way, your items are properly protected and nothing breaks.




Tell us where your value items are-

You’re valuables are probably one of the reasons you choose to hire a professional moving company. Tell your mover where all your valuables are so we can make sure it is properly packed and protected. The best way to deal with damage is to avoid it-by communicating about things that are fragile.

Insurance-for-High-Value-Items-2 (1)


Label everything-

Labeling doesn’t seem like a big deal while packing, but once you are in the new house and you find yourself tearing through boxes to find items such as “bedding” quickly regrets your decision. ALSO, it helps out your mover! This way the movers know exactly which room every box will go in and can move the process along.