Storage Moving Guide


Storage Planning Guide

When your entire household’s items needs to be stored for weeks, months, or even years- there are special planning measures that should take place. We have been helping families with international moving, long term storage, in addition to local moving services for over 20 years. We’d like to share some tips to get your belongings ready for long terms storage, to make it just a bit easier for you.

  • Sort. Since you will still need to live while you’re belongings are being stored, this is THE most important part of preparing for storage. What time of year is it, what is the climate like where you will be going? How much space will you have in this temporary space? How long will you and your items be separated? What access will you have to purchase items you find you need during this time? Would you rather part with some items rather than store them? Choose a room in your home that you can separate the things you want and need to take with you, while the rest is packed up and prepared for storage.
  • Pack.  You will not be able to leave clothing and items in your dresser drawers, unlike standard procedure for local moves. If you are packing the boxes yourself, be sure to take extra care and pack carefully. OR leave that to our pack teams and have one less thing to do yourself.
  • Clean. Take the time to clean and dust your furniture items before it going into storage. Long terms storage at a facility like Stewart Moving & Storage is vaulted- secure, padded… so once your items go into the vault, they are sealed until delivered to you when you return.
  • Get the quote. Now that you’ve sorted and know what will need to be stored- it’s a great time to get a quote for handling into storage, and your monthly estimate.  Storage will be by weight, which will be taken upon arrival to the storage facility for utmost accuracy.  Your first month of storage will be due up front and you will be billed as agreed, usually monthly, thereafter.
  • Be present during loading.  You will be given the inventory to sign off on when the load is complete- check over it, make sure they got everything, and let them know if something is incomplete before they leave.