What CAN’T my mover move?

What CAN’T my mover move?

The answer on many items is that it depends!  Are you moving across town?  Across the country? Around the world?  And just because they CAN move certain items- some are better handled yourself.

To dig a little deeper on what a mover can transport or not- let’s look at the guidelines they have to abide by and the risks that they face by certain items.  If something is explosive, corrosive, flammable, or toxic- the answer is NO, it should not be packed within your belongings.  This includes many household items you wouldn’t have even thought of.  Cleaning products like Windex & bleach, nail polish & remover, liquor, fire extinguishers, fertilizer, etc.

Now, before you consider sneaking something in to a box that shouldn’t be there- let’s talk about WHY these items are not allowed to be moved by your mover.  It’s a safety concern for not only the crew but also the truck in transit and even just for your items that are also in the truck.  If something corrosive spills in the box you packed, it might not make the truck explode- but it might ruin everything in that box, and the box stacked below it, and perhaps even your heirloom trunk that’s below the boxes.  It’s just not worth the risk- take these Non Allowable Items with you, in the trunk of your car, carefully loaded so they will not turn over and spill.  Plants are often a concern to movers, even houseplants can have bugs you don’t know about.  Talk to your mover beforehand about your plants AND specifically with your crew when they arrive.

If you’re moving across state lines, in addition to the items already mentioned- plants cannot be transported by your mover due to agricultural regulations.  You won’t want to include anything perishable or any opened food items that might attract bugs onto the truck or into your boxes.  Oh, and I’m sure it goes without saying, but nothing living can be transported by your mover.  This includes small animals, aquariums, etc.

Open food & spices are not permitted on interstate moves; and open food is not recommended for local moves as it’s best to take that yourself in case the box gets tilted or jostled during transport. This is especially true for liquids that can ruin whatever they spill upon.  International moves or moves into storage should not have food of any kind in the boxes.

The difference between a bad move and a good move comes down to minimizing risks- these Non Allowable items pose risks to your personal belongings, to the moving truck, and your more crew.   Download the Stewart 18.06 Prohibited Items List and keep it handy while your packing and remember- better safe than sorry!