How to choose the BEST Moving Company

How to choose the best moving company

A lot of factors play a role in hiring the best moving company for your relocation.  But what matters most? That might be harder to answer than figuring out how to hire the best moving company!  We think that there are certain factors that a family should consider when making this big decision:  Price, Licensing, Reputation, & Instinct! Here’s why these factors are so important:

  • Price– Let’s address this one first. Everything about getting to your new home adds up- the closing costs or security deposit, boxes & packing materials, time off work, new furniture for the new home, and of course, the movers.  Everyone has a budget, so something has to give, right?  Let those additional rooms remain empty for a bit and use what you already have for the time being, hold off on some renovations that aren’t urgent… but don’t just go for the cheapest mover (or the cheapest ANYTHING) to make your budget work. You get what you pay for and buying on Value over Price will always get you more in the end!  Also, keep in mind that moving estimates are just that, estimates- and while the best moving companies will be as accurate as possible, the worst movers will low-ball to win the business from unassuming consumers.

  • License, Registrations, Association memberships– Is the Moving Company that you’re considering licensed & insured to do the move? Local movers in most states need minimal licensing but long-distance movers and international movers abide by much more stringent guidelines.  Certain states (like Virginia and North Carolina) are more regulated than others with moves over 30 miles yet within state lines.  Look for movers with MORE licensing and insurance than your move requires, and a moving company that is active in their community and industry- these are usually the ones doing things right- by the rules and by their customers!


  • Reputation/ Reviews – Do your due diligence! Get referrals from your realtor, friends & family. Check out a moving company’s reviews online. You’ll have to expect a few bad ones, no company can make every customer happy all the time but look at the trends. Are the customers mostly happy? Are the reviews genuine and detailed? Does the company have a long history of reviews and documentation of their reputation? Do they have any industry awards or accolades? By taking some time to scope out a moving company’s online reputation you’re gaining insight into how other customers have felt about their experience.  And think about it- no one loves moving so if a lot of customers take the time to write a glowing review of a mover they worked with, they are likely one of the best moving companies around!


  • Gut instinct/ Initial experience – It’s always recommended to get 2-3 quotes for any big project you’re about to embark upon and hiring the best moving company is no different. Once you do that, sit back and analyze the experience with those companies.  Was it easy to reach them, were they responsive, what was the experience like to get the initial estimate?  Often, we can get a feel for what it’s like to work with a company from our very first interactions with them.  If they are customer-centric in the beginning and they make it easy to work with them- it’s likely that experience will continue.  The best of the best in any industry keeps the customer experience in the forefront of everything they do.


Making the decision on the best moving company for your move is just as important as finding the right house.  But don’t worry- moving won’t be quite as stressful if you follow these tips and find the right mover for your relocation.