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Family Moving Tips to/from Jacksonville, Florida and How to Keep Your Wits

Family Moving Tips to/from Jacksonville, Florida and How to Keep Your Wits

While moving can be one of life’s most challenging events – it can also be stressful for your entire family. You have the best of intentions to do what is right for your family, but in the midst of packing, labeling and sorting, your moving stress may increase your frustrations with other family members.

Stewart Moving & Storage offers you some handy family moving tips to/from Jacksonville, Florida to accomplish that moving transition with ease.



If you are moving long-distance, plan the easiest route with the best destination stops for you and your family. Keep in mind rest stops with changing areas if you have a baby on board and a place to stroll and stretch your legs – consider lodging accommodations and fun places to eat.



Be sure to schedule a check-up for your family members before you travel, assuring all travelers are healthy and set for the destination and workload ahead.

It could prove beneficial to research day care and schools in your area – possibly plan a prior trip before your big move day so you are set to continue with life after you move in.



If you are traveling with a baby, purchase those important safety items, such as baby gates, outlet covers, corner/edge bumpers, and safety locks and latches – preventing your curious little monkey from possible injuries and hazards.

Stewart Moving & Storage recommends that any new parent or guardian take the needed breaks and any moment you can relax – do so. Infants and children require a lot of our energy and they can sense our stresses.



Should you be traveling with a pet – whether you have a cat, dog or mischievous ferret, try your best to keep life as normal as possible for them during your move.

Choose a familiar room you would like to pack up last and keep your furry friend(s) happy by allowing them to cohabitate there. When moving day arrives, keep your door closed and try to keep the area as quiet as possible. This will ensure that your furry pals will not become spooked and plan their escape. If you are not able to maintain the necessary solitude, ask a friend to pet sit for the day. Problem solved.



Since many pets are not accustomed to being inside a crate (no matter how large or small) or even a car, you can help your loyal pals become acclimated before the big day.

Begin by placing Fido’s food inside the crate, leaving the door open or closed – assuring they will get used to the idea and maybe even like this new mealtime process. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in a treat or two.

Take your best pal with you on short road trips, too – hopefully the crate will be more familiar to them as you take them along on brief outings: Moving with Pets.



Just as you would pack your bags for a weekend destination, pack the same items for your move.

On your first night you will need the normal overnight items – toiletries, vitamins, extra clothes, etc., but also remember the toilet paper, a couple towels and pillows, too! Let’s say you forgot to label the box with the towels – you may be taking a late shower or skipping your stress-relieving-soak altogether!

Don’t forget your young child’s favorite security blanket or toy – boxing it up and not being able to retrieve it on the big first night could be disastrous.



There are many “moving companies” out there who are not licensed, insured or do not accept credit cards. Hmmm…What is wrong with this picture?

For more than two decades Stewart Moving and Storage has been the preferred movers in Jacksonville, Florida with award winning moving and storage services. They are not only licensed and insured but they will work with you during the entire moving process.

Stewart Moving and Storage provides a modern fleet of moving trucks with permanent logos attached to both sides of their trucks. Their trained move team utilizes the latest techniques to protect your possessions and home. They also provide full-time, uniformed employees who undergo a background check and drug screening.

Here is some more information on Stewart Moving and Storage. We hope these family moving tips to/from Jacksonville, Florida have been helpful.