Lab Moving Services

Laboratory relocation services

The relocation of laboratories requires extra knowledge and resources to move lab and medical equipment. Stewart Moving & Storage Commercial Services move teams are professional laboratory movers who can transport your laboratory across the city, state, country, or even the world.

Stewart Moving & Storage Commercial Services is your lab mover who has the experience in relocating sensitive equipment for our clients. We have transported a wide variety of lab and medical equipment for many different customers including research facilities, hospitals and school laboratories.

From medical devices, refrigerators, exhaust hoods and freezers, to x-ray machines and centrifuges, we can safely and efficiently transport and store a wide variety of lab and medical equipment. We understand that lab and medical equipment is sensitive. That’s why our state-of-the-art moving equipment is designed to handle the precise needs of your laboratory. Our moving vans are carefully operated, fully secured, air ride suspensions, and are fully tracked through our GPS monitoring system. Our project managers coordinate the packing and labeling of your equipment to align with the goals of your lab technicians. Stewart Moving & Storage Commercial Services is there to provide you with stress free lab moving services and create minimal disruption to your work.

At Stewart Moving & Storage, we guarantee that your laboratory equipment, biological samples and chemicals will be secure and unharmed. We utilize secure packing techniques, third party providers and specialized trucks ensure a perfect transport. For all of your laboratory moving needs, call Stewart Moving today!